Wednesday, January 16, 2008

James 1:12-27

Chunk for January 22
James 1:12-27 ESV

Syntactical Display (text is Young's Literal Translation; display is Laura's)

This section begins with a blessing that reinterprets the meaning of enduring trials/temptations. Enduring temptation is a blessing (i.e., happy) because the endurer receives the crown of life. Two commands are placed under the blessing.

1) Do not blame God for temptations (13-15). This command is supported by five reasons.

2) Do not be deceived (16-25). This command is supported by two pieces of evidence. The command then flows into two dependent commands.
...2a) Be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. (This one is given a basis.)
...2b) Put aside filth/evil and receive the Word. (The length of the discussion following this command shows its importance.)

The section concludes with a two-fold summarizing general truth. The first truth gives a counter-example of what religion is not. The second truth gives an example of what religion is.

Key Idea: Blessing-producing, crown-receiving endurance of temptation recognizes self as the source of temptation, practices doing as well as hearing the Word, and understands generosity and holiness as necessary components of religion.

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