Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1 Peter--kick off

Overall Structure:
  • 1:1-2
  • 1:3-2:10 (note: begins with "blessed")
  • 2:11-4:11 (note: begins with "beloved" and ends with a benediction)
  • 4:12-5:11 (note: begins with "beloved" and ends with a benediction)
  • 5:12-14
Study Questions:

What does it say?
  • Who are the recipients?
  • What is Peter telling the recipients about themselves?
  • What does Peter say about faith? Holiness? Trials? Obedience? Community?
  • Who are the "elect exiles" (1:1-2)?
  • How do the Father's foreknowledge, the Spirit's sanctification, and obedience to and sprinkling with Christ's blood relate to the recipients' status as "exiles" (1:1-2)?
  • What is the "true grace of God" in which the recipients stand firm (5:12-13)?
What does it mean?
  • What situations might have prompted this letter from Peter?
  • What big truths did Peter apply to these situations?
  • What is the letter about?
How should we respond?
  • How are our situations similar?
  • Which big truths in this letter apply to our situations?
  • How might we respond?
Resources for Going Deeper:

1 Peter articles at
First Peter: Introduction, Argument, and Outline
"1 Peter" on wikipedia (read with requisite caution)
1 Peter on NETBible (good footnotes and other resources)

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