Monday, August 4, 2008


Note that this is the barest outline;
material summarized from Playing with Fire and How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.
Please do refer to the recommended resources.
They shed essential light on this expansive and important genre.

Basic Features
  • Covenant (i.e., Torah) enforcement; prophets reminded people of and called them back to the covenant.
  • The message is God's and is unoriginal
  • Written from a historical situation
  • Written to a historically situated people
  • Most prophecy refers to events contemporary to the prophet and his readers.
  • Most OT prophecy written between 760 and 460 BCE
  • Basic chunk is the oracle, not the paragraph or story
  • Primarily written in poetry. Poetic form is thought rhythm: Synonymous (Isa 44:22); Antithetical (Hos 7:14); and Synthetic (Obad 21).
What to look forGetting some context
Recommended resources:
Prep for 8/12

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