Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Isaiah 36-39

  • Threat of Assyrian Invasion (36-37): Arrogant, powerful, used-by-God, driven, huge, over-confident, taunting Assyria is taught Yahweh's true power when Yahweh hears the cries of faithful, calm, afraid, obedient, wise Hezekiah.
    • Sennacherib invades Judah and captures all but Jerusalem (36:1).
    • The Rabshekah tauntingly pontificates in Hebrew for a while (36:2-20).
    • Hezekiah's posse stays mum and reports back to Hezekiah (36:21-22).
    • Hezekiah mourns and sends his entourage (also mourning) to Isaiah to ask for prayer (37:1-4).
    • Yahweh promises Sennacherib's departure and eventual demise (37:5-7).
    • Sennacherib departs for Assyria and the Rabshekah re-taunts from afar (37:8-13).
    • Hezekiah prays earnestly to the one true God for deliverance from Sennacherib (37:14-20).
    • Isaiah delivers an oracle against Sennacherib (37:21-35).
    • 185,000 Assyrians are smitten by the Angel of the Yahweh; Sennacherib goes home and is smitten by his two naughty sons (37:36-38).
  • Hezekiah's Sickness and Recovery (38): Sick, desperate, faithful, worshiping Hezekiah successfully petitions Yahweh through interceding, cure-administering Isaiah.
    • Hezekiah gets a fatal boil and earnestly prays (38:1-3).
    • God grants Hezekiah 15 more years and grants a sign: the sun declines ten steps (38:4-8).
    • Hezekiah composes a lament, moving from mourning to trust (38:9-20).
    • Isaiah prescribes a cake of figs for the nasty boil (38:21-22).
  • Envoys from Babylon (39): Joyful, cured, impulsive Hezekiah's showing off to the curious, conquering, tricky, "well-wishing" Babylonians brings Yahweh's judgment through angry, frustrated Isaiah.
    • The prince of Babylon sends gift-laden envoys and Hezekiah unwisely shows off all his treasures (39:1-4).
    • Isaiah delivers an oracle: Babylon will carry off Hezekiah's treasure and his sons; Hezekiah is pleased (39:5-8).

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