Monday, December 3, 2007

Matthew 21-23

For Dec 4, 2007 TNBS


18--Community Discourse: true greatness and practiced mercy
19-20--Community Prescription: humility, service, and mercy
21-23--Jesus asserts authority over Jerusalem
24-25--Olivet Discourse: timing and signs


21:1-17 Authority over Jerusalem
21:18-22:46 Authority over religious leaders
  • 21:18-22:14 Rejecting the rejectors
  • 22:15-46 Silencing the detractors
23:1-36 Seven woes to the religious leaders; rejection complete
23:37-38 Passion over Jerusalem


Authority of Christ
Centrality of Christ

1 comment:

  1. Here's what I've found in my character splats:

    Religious leaders: they are stuck in rejection and their rejection is being amplified into hatred

    Crowds: they have power that the religious leaders recognize; they also have insight, though it is doubtful that the crowd recognizes its own insight ("Save now"); in contrast to previous teaching by Jesus, the crowd receives specific teaching alongside the disciples

    Disciples: they participate directly in Jesus' ministry by retrieving the donkey; they obey Jesus' instructions; they receive Jesus' teaching; by retrieving the donkey, they seem to be making a way for the crowds to worship


    What responses do I practice? To what might these practices (positive and negative) naturally lead?

    Do I misread the crowds, arrogantly thinking that they just don't get true spirituality?

    How am I participating in creating worship space for the "crowds" associated with TFB?