Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Matthew 24-25

For Dec 11, 2007 TNBS


21-23--Messiah declares his authority over the political-religious establishment of Jerusalem
24-25--Messiah reveals the end of the political-religious establishment of Jerusalem
26-28--Passion, Resurrection, and Commission


24:1-2 Jesus stirs up the disciples' thinking
24:3-28 "when will these things be?"
24:29-41 "what will be the sign?" [update: this may extend to 24:44]
24:42-25:46 Disciples' proper response is awareness and faithfulness.




  1. 24:1-2, 3-28
    questions and observations

    - this is immediately after the RL smackdown
    - Why did the disciples point out the buildings?
    - Jesus "answered," but they had asked no question.
    - The disciples asked two questions: 1) when? and 2) what will be the sign?
    - Are the disciples separating temple destruction frm end time events? Are these separate?
    - 3-14: the meantime between resurrection and 2nd advent?
    - 15-28 seems to have a two-fold prophecy: one immediate (70AD?) and one eventual (the end?)
    - 27-28 says taht the actual 2nd advent will be very obvious

  2. This section definitely has a different tone than Jesus' usual discourses, and comes right after Jesus telling the religious leaders what's up.
    24:18-25 is kind of nebulus.
    The major theme is definitely end times.
    There's no questioning by the disciples as usual.

  3. I'm thinking that the discourse continues the notion of "authority"--but I'm not sure yet.


  4. 24:29-44
    questions and observations

    - v29 where is the tribulation seen in 3-28?
    - 29-31 To what does "Son of Man" refer? The Last Adam? Daniel's vision? Else?
    - v33 What are "these things"?
    - v34 What is "this generation"?
    - v35 What is the meaning of "pass away"? What continues if heaven and earth pass away?
    - v36 How does the Father know what the Son does not?
    - The time is not obvious from a temporal, earthly perspective; therefore, readiness is required.

  5. 24:45-25:46
    questions and observations

    - 24:45 Jesus starts this final section with a question that stimulates the disciples' to consider true discipleship? (this fits nicely with the theme of the gospel, eh?)
    - The section seems to support works righteousness. Since we know from other passages that salvation is by grace, not works (Eph 2:8-10), what is the meaning of this section?
    - 25:12 "I do not know you" connects back to 7:23
    - What is "righteousness" in Matthew?
    - 25:40, 45 Who are the "least of these"?
    - 25:46 seems to act as the summary for this section
    - 25:31-40 Why is the Son separating the nations rather than individuals?