Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Matthew 26-28

For Dec 18, 2007 TNBS
  • 24-25 Messiah reveals the end and his return, and calls for faith and awareness
  • 26-28 Messiah's passion, resurrection, and commission to make disciples

  • 26:1-16 Anointing and Judas' decision to betray Messiah
  • 26:17-75 Thursday: Passover meal, denial prediction, Gethsemane prayer, arrest, trial before Caiaphas, and denial by Peter
  • 27:1-61 Friday: trial before Pilate, Judas' remorse-filled death, Barabbas freed at the demand of the crowds, Messiah to be crucified
  • 27:62-66 Saturday: Guard posted at Messiah's tomb
  • 28:1-20 Sunday: resurrection of Messiah and commissioning of the disciples

  • "delivered him over"
  • fulfillment of prophecy
  • sifting the disciples

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