Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Isaiah 1-23

In an attempt to remember where we are, TNBS talked through Isaiah 1-23 tonight, inserting a number of important tangents centered on these books. On walk to work this morning, a few notions stuck out in the passage under consideration.
  1. "in that day" is ubiquitous. Most times it seems to refer to the final blessings of the Kingdom through the Messiah. Other times it seems to refer to the judgment brought by the Messiah upon those who have rejected God and his ways. Mixed in with all this are references to fulfillments closer to Isaiah's time--I think of them a prequels to the end of the story.
  2. God is the god of nations. Yes, his chosen people are held accountable, but so are nations who want nothing to do with him. In fact, he seems to use such nations for his own purposes and then punish them for their arrogance.
  3. Isaiah, or at least 1-23, seems to have three purposes: (1) to terrify Judah; (2) to let Judah know that they are going to be disciplined because they will refuse to repent; and (3) to offer comfort and hope, for though they will be disciplined severely, a remnant will be delivered, for they are God's people and he is their God.

Next week we return to normal systems, previewing Isaiah 24-27.

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