Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isaiah 24-27 Outline, Flow of Thought, and Key Ideas

  • Isaiah 24: God’s judgment of the earth land
  • 24:1-13 utter desolation and destruction, leading to emptiness
  • 24:14-16 praise and glory contrasted with woe
  • 24:17-23 continuing description of the judgment that none can escape
  • Isaiah 25: praise response for God’s justice and salvation
  • 25:1-5 individual thanks for judgment against unjust and for needy
  • 25:5-12 communal praising and feasting "in that day"
  • Isaiah 26-27: “In that day” is God’s salvation complete
  • Isaiah 26: song of praise in response to justice
  • 26:1-6 inhabitants of the strong city praise for God's care and justice
  • 26:7-19 praise for God's leveling justice and gracious deliverance
  • 26:20-21 respite for Judah whilst Yahweh emerges for more vengeance
  • Isaiah 27: woe and destruction groom Israel for good things as the perfect people of God
  • 27:1 punishment of Leviathan
  • 27:2-6 tending the vineyard
  • 27:7-11 Israel is exiled; their oppressors are destroyed
  • 27:12-13 "in that day" no Israelite left behind
Key Idea(s): Those in relationship* with God rejoice at and abound in his final justice; those not in relationship are destroyed by it.

Updated: 2/10/09

* relationship: trusting and loving sovereign God

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