Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If leadership is not decision-making, then what is it?

Last night at TNBS, we discussed a post on Alan Knox's blog: Leadership is Not Decision-Making.  Alan offers that leadership is about service.  We agree and through our normal tangentizing method, we discussed many things.  These are my conclusions based on our discussion.

I propose three tasks under the general heading of service: prayer, pondering, and policy-making.  Regarding this, I ask the following of my fellow TNBSers and of the leaders of TFB.
  • What if praying transformed from duty, through modeling toward dialogue with God?
  • What if pondering transformed from knowledge, through wisdom toward relationship with God?
  • What if policy-making transformed from safety, through growth toward Kingdom?
  • What if serving transformed from skills, through delegation toward communal partnership?
Over the course of such transformation, what might we become?

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