Thursday, October 7, 2010

What’s the difference between “knowing about” and “knowing””?

In our brief study of Bel and the Dragon this past Tuesday, three key topics rose in the discussion: culture, canon, and Trinity.  For each of these, there is an important difference between “knowing about” the topic and “knowing” it.
  • Knowing about culture involves research and dabbling, while knowing culture involves lived experience.
  • Knowing about the canon involves bibliology and history, while knowing canon involves personal recognition.
  • Knowing about the Trinity involves philosophy and creeds, while knowing the Trinity involves relational dependence.
Though Bel and the Dragon is not inspired Scripture, it highlights an important truth that is also central to the canonical book of Daniel: Daniel was able to stand firm, not because he was theologically or culturally informed, but because he was personally dependent on Yahweh, whom he knew and loved.

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